November 29, 2007

Thursday YouTubein’ — La Dolly

Posted in Music at 3:36 pm by The Lizard Queen

Liss posted this video today, and I couldn’t help but snap it up for myself, as I too am a lover of Dolly and Amy:

I also very much appreciated what Liss had to say about the song in the above-linked post’s comment thread:

Normally, that sort of “pull yourself up” Oprah-y, “The Secret”-y message bugs me

Me, too. But the difference with Dolly is that she doesn’t say you need to “fix” yourself if your house is a mess or you’re overweight or whatevthefuck; she’s saying, “That’s fine — don’t let it stop you!”

In a subtle but real way, this song is the antidote to that other stuff, which is based on letting you know something’s wrong with you that needs to get fixed. Here, the message is specifically that you shouldn’t feel that way. Go out and live your life and be happy and strive and try and achieve, no matter what.

Cool.  More Dolly-love — in the form of a wicked cool cover featuring Nickel Creek — after the fold:


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