December 10, 2007

On a lighter note: better than Ronald Reagan

Posted in Apropos of nothing, Politics at 8:00 pm by The Lizard Queen

The question of the day over at Shakesville reminded me of the game Evil Bender and I were playing in the car on our way down to Texas for Thanksgiving:

“Okay, I’ve got a new game we can play,” Evil Bender said. “The goal is to name people or things that are better than Ronald Reagan. For example: this highway [a Ronald Reagan Memorial highway, which is, I think, what sparked the idea] is better than Ronald Reagan.”

“Indeed,” I responded, then paused. “That bush is better than Ronald Reagan,” I said, pointing out a shrub on the side of the road.

“But I can think of a Bush who isn’t.”


So, that’s how much of the trip went: we’d notice something, anything, and state that it was better than Ronald Reagan.

“Rice Krispie Treats are better than Ronald Reagan,” I said, my mouth full of marshmallowy goodness.

“That cow is better than Ronald Reagan,” Evil Bender said, gesturing toward a lone cow in a field.

And so on. You’d be surprised — or maybe you wouldn’t be — how well we entertained ourselves with such a simple concept. And there were so many possible variations!

“What a jackass!” one of us would exclaim after an act of asshaberdashery such as tailgating then passing us on the right when we were in the middle lane on a three-lane highway.

“And yet he’s still better than Ronald Reagan.”

“Fundies are definitely not better than Ronald Reagan,” we would say after passing a Right to Life billboard.

It may well have been the best road trip game I’ve ever played.


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  1. gyenyame said,

    “asshaberdashery” is probably the coolest word I have learned since the Regan Administration.

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