December 12, 2007

The Ice Storm

Posted in Blogging, Personal at 9:25 am by The Lizard Queen

We are one of the thousands of households in Middle America currently without power.  We’re approaching the 36-hour mark, and I have no idea when to expect it to come back on.

Evil Bender just informed me that our power company’s present slogan is “doing what it takes to keep the lights on.”  *sigh*  I’d be okay if it were just the lights — it’s the lack of heat that’s the problem.

Anyway, we’re at the library now, but I don’t know when I’ll next have internet access, so until then, expect radio silence.



  1. k said,

    I have a solution–come back to Tex-ass. We have power and heat! 🙂 Hope you get lights & warmth back soon…

  2. magen said,

    We’re right there with you guys. I checked last at 1:45 and we still didn’t have power either. We’ll let you know when we’re up and running and you’re welcome to camp out at our house. But, let’s hope it’s not an issue very very soon!

  3. luaphacim said,

    Alas and alack — still no power. And the power company is now saying 7-10 days before power is restored. 😐

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