December 15, 2007

It’s mah burfday! (plus open thread)

Posted in Apropos of nothing, Personal at 12:13 pm by The Lizard Queen

The Lizard Queen at one or so:


Happy Lizzie is happy.  🙂

Open thread: what’s on your mind?



  1. […] December 15, 2007 Posted by Evil Bender in Blogging. trackback If you have a moment, stop by and wish the Lizard Queen a happy birthday! Take a moment to check out the super-cute baby […]

  2. Marshwiggle said,

    Many happy returns~

  3. pavlov112 said,

    Happy burfday, chipmunk cheeks. 🙂

  4. MishkaP said,

    Happy Birthday!! Did you get ‘lectricity for your birthday?? In honor of your birthday I am going to protest the oppressive structure that is writing final papers. Happy Birthday to the Lizard Queen and damn the man!

  5. k said,

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a fantastic day…

  6. beverly said,

    Happy Burfday, Chica!!! Maddie sends lots of kisses, and Tilly offers her dainty paw in salutation!

  7. Spartacus said,

    Sorry I’m late, but happy birthday! I’ll be seeing you soon!

  8. Happy Burfday!—I’m a bit late. Heavy weekend!

  9. Happy (belated) birthday! I’m sorry I’m so late; I just got way behind on my Bloglines. Hope you have a wonderful year! 🙂


  10. leeek said,

    happy birthday! sorry that i’m really, really late. I enjoy your blog but had not time for online activity. and.. happy new year!!!

  11. Cloroerap said,

    Hello. It is test.

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    • Janet said,

      Alhrgit alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

  13. […] a while ago I got an email notifying me that this comment had been left on my birthday post from last year.  (And I saw there a whole bunch of well-wishes […]

  14. Twilibiacroca said,

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