January 19, 2008

Six-word review of Cloverfield

Posted in Movies at 12:11 am by The Lizard Queen

It made me vomit. Twice. Srsly.

An explanation: it was shot either entirely on hand-held cameras or made to look like it was shot entirely on hand-held cameras. (The premise is that it’s a bystander’s video of a night when something attacked NYC.) At dinner before the movie, a friend of ours (T from this post) mentioned that people had been telling others to bring Dramamine to the theater when going to see Cloverfield. I laughed it off. Then we went to the movie. I left once, did my thing, then came back, hoping that taking a little break would help. It didn’t. The second time I went out, I stayed out. And I’m torn between chagrin — I haven’t walked out of a movie since Clifford, and that was by choice! — and being weirdly impressed — I would never have thought a movie could actually make me vomit!

So, my overall recommendation would be that if you have any tendencies toward motion-sickness, either avoid this movie or take some Dramamine (or your motion-sickness prevention of choice — I hear those acupressure wristbands work well) with you. Oy.

Edited to add: if you want a real review of Cloverfield, Phil Plait’s got a wonderfully in-depth one.


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