January 28, 2008

Good news for pit bulls

Posted in Animals at 10:21 pm by The Lizard Queen


Leslie Nuccio plays with Hector, one of Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs, at her California home.

There’s a great Associated Press story up at CNN.com about the dogs seized from Michael Vick’s property, focusing on the dog pictured above, Hector. Rather than go into what he went through as a fighting dog, I want to highlight how he’s doing now:

Hector’s settling into his new life, getting further and further from his past.

Weekly “canine good citizen” classes are correcting his social ineptitude. And he’s taking cues on good manners from patient Pandora, a female pit bull mix who’s queen of the household’s dogs. Once Hector graduates, he’ll take classes to become a certified therapy dog, helping at nursing homes and the like.

For now, he’s learning the simple pleasures of a blanket at bedtime, a peanut butter-filled chew toy, even classical music.

“I put on Yo-Yo Ma one day and he cocked his head, laid down and listened to the cello next to the speaker,” Nuccio said. “He’s turning out to be a man of high class and culture.”

There’s more — including more absolutely adorable pictures — at the link. Enjoy!


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