February 7, 2008

Neocons really hate McCain, don’t they?

Posted in Conservatives, Politics, Wingnuts at 7:10 pm by The Lizard Queen

The title question is more or less rhetorical.  My real question on the subject is this: did they hate them this much in 2000?  I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to the other side of the aisle at that point; indeed, I was less politically aware in general.  I do have one McCain memory from that primary season, though.  He’d been asked a question that boiled down to, “What would you do if your daughter got pregnant out of wedlock?”  His answer, if I recall correctly, was something to the effect of, “We would sit down and have a discussion as a family.”

I remember neocons being up in arms about that response, as if any answer short of “I would force her to have the baby!  Young people have to learn that sex has consequences!” constituted a betrayal of the “Pro-Life” cause.  I on the other hand, was fairly impressed.  I think he answered the question that was actually asked, first of all, and furthermore he answered it the way I think a real person (as opposed to someone who’s sold his soul to the political machine) would answer.  I’ve always been far enough to the left that I had a very hard time imagining a scenario in which I would actually vote for McCain, but his answer that day gave me a certain amount of respect for him.

Unfortunately, the pandering to the right he’s done since 2000 has completely eroded that respect.  From my perspective, McCain seemed to be a viable candidate in 2000, and he’s only moved further to the right since then.  I understand that he has some stances that are unpopular with the neocons, but that doesn’t seem to me to explain the animosity they’ve been exhibiting toward him.

Still, if McCain is the Republican candidate, and neocons decide they’d rather vote for a Democrat than McCain, then who am I to argue?


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  1. DavidD said,

    Yes, neocons hate McCain, even though his foreign policy, hatred of abortion and love of business are about as aggressive as theirs. I suppose McCain has limits that the consensus of neocons doesn’t have now. The three loves of neocons, an aggressive foreign policy, strict adherence to traditional morality (some of it anyway), and the celebration of business and private enterprise, even to the denial of facts that might threaten it like global warming or running out of oil, truly know no limits, not the Constitution, not the Geneva Convention, not democracy and the compromises that might go with it. To a neocon such things are to be used in service of their self-righteous consensus of those who conform to the group’s determination of who is the Real True Conservative, just as certain Christians say who is a Real True Christian (see http://slacktivist.typepad.com), just as some say you must hate corporations to be a Real True Progressive, a test Hillary Clinton fails, just as some say you must adhere to a consensus to be a Real True Feminist.

    John McCain comes so close to being a Real True Conservative, yet he fails the morality test because he doesn’t condemn either these “criminal” immigrants or “immoral” gays and lesbians as much as the RTCs do. He fails foreign policy because he would put the Constitution and other values as being higher than the Commander in Chief. No wonder some call him traitor. Then he fails the business test because he wanted tax cuts not to leave the federal budget as much in deficit as they did, not every time, but a few times. It’s amazing. The advocacy of tax cuts 27 years ago was based on their creating even more revenue than they cost. That wasn’t true, yet that hasn’t mattered to the neocon consensus or the libertarian or theocon consensus that also would like to “starve the beast”. I watch them starve my clients with that rhetoric. I wish I knew a beast that could teach them the reality of this. Hillary? Barack? No, they’re not beast enough for that task. Not even John Edwards is beast enough for that, definitely not Dennis Kucinich. Maybe later in this century the right’s view of government as the enemy will die its well-deserved death. Maybe it has to be a natural death instead of a murder.

    It’s like listening to evangelicals condemn Mormons as a cult, not even current evangelicals, but 19th-century evangelicals, like the ones who killed Joseph Smith, when Mormons were seen as Scientologists are seen now. Atheists are not hated as much.

    It’s one thing to be the enemy. It’s quite another to be a traitor.

    So will some vote Democratic because they think either Clinton or Obama will ruin the country and put an RTC (Mitt Romney?! – my goodness they accept converts easily, maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the Olympics) in as President in 2012? I find it hard to believe, but maybe some will. Some are that crazy. Anyone who is sure global warming is a hoax and torture is whatever one says it is can believe anything. It will be up to a Democratic President with his or her Democratic Congress to make the Democratic agenda work. That will judged by voters realistically I would think, not according to RTC fantasies. That’s both good and bad for 2012. At least a Democratic victory would let Justice Stevens be content about retiring, even if we do ruin the country and insure Republican Presidents for another generation. I doubt it will be that bad, though, optimistic liberal that I am.

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