April 16, 2008

Simon J. Ortiz — “The Serenity in Stones”

Posted in Poetry at 10:12 pm by The Lizard Queen

The Serenity in Stones

I am holding this turquoise
in my hands.
My hands hold the sky
wrought in this little stone.
There is a cloud
at the furthest boundary.
The world is somewhere underneath.

I turn the stone, and there is more sky.
This is the serenity possible in stones,
the place of a feeling to which one belongs.
I am happy as I hold this sky
in my hands, in my eyes, and in myself.

—Simon J. Ortiz, 1975



  1. lj said,


  2. […] Simon Ortiz writes of this in “Serenity of Stones.“ […]

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