May 30, 2008

“The American people should have been listening a little bit closer”

Posted in Government, Iraq, News, Politics at 12:59 pm by The Lizard Queen

Last night Keith Olbermann interviewed Scott McClellan, and they discussed McClellan’s new book and many of the topics contained therein. By and large there were few surprises, at least for anyone who’s been paying attention. Crooks and Liars has a video clip up, and they point out a couple of choice quotes from that particular segment. I wanted to point out a point in the interview that really agitated me, though. Here’s my transcription, with emphasis added:

Keith Olbermann: Relative to the media, and I’m asking this for every person who ever came up to me on the street and said, “I feel like I’m going out of my mind living through this, this cannot be the America that I grew up in” — Were the critics in the media and outside the media of the President largely right?

Scott McClellan: In terms of the Iraq war?

KO: Specifically that, and you can go out in any direction you want, but specifically in terms of Iraq.

SM: I think certainly in terms of Iraq there was a lot that they were right about, as I went back and reflected on this. It’s not that I’m necessarily aligned with them on some other views and things, but certainly on the buildup to the Iraqi war we should have been listening some more to what they were saying — the American people should have been listening a little bit closer to some of what was being said, but I like a lot of Americans was caught up in the moment of post-9/11 and wanting to put my faith and trust in the White House and the President that I was serving.

Excuse me, Mr. McClellan, but what about all those American people who were listening closely? What about those Americans who voiced concern during the buildup to the war, those who protested, who wrote to Congress and the President and anyone else with the potential to do something to prevent the war, who participated in prayer vigils and sit-ins and generally did whatever they could to make it clear that the President was not acting on our behalf? What about the 59,028,444 Americans who voted for John Kerry in 2004, many of whom were desperately trying to send the message that we did not approve of what our government was doing in Iraq?

Mr. McClellan, when you’re telling us that the leaders we ought to have been able to trust were lying to us, then I have absolutely no patience for statements that we ought to have been paying better attention. Fuck you, Mr. McClellan, for implying that actions that a lying, warmongering President takes can still somehow be laid at the feet of the people.


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