June 18, 2008

More on internet traditions

Posted in Memes at 9:58 pm by The Lizard Queen

Evil Bender made me do it.  (We’ve both been rather tickled by this meme, and we were repeating “I am familiar with all internet traditions” in different voices, and I thought of the following — I quite doubt I’m the first to do so at this point — and, well, here we are…)



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  1. DavidD said,

    I like this one better than your cat. Part of the humor in the original is just how precise this troll is in most of what he says, even though it is clearly inaccurate. C3PO fits him well, if C3PO were reprogrammed to serve blind propaganda instead of diplomacy. Vanderleun will be saying “We’re doomed!” soon enough. No offense, Liz, but your cat could use an English teacher, maybe pants, too.

    For the second time today I worked my way back to neoneocon’s post that started this, more curious this time about what the heck do Michelle Obama and Zimbabwe have to do with each other. This time I looked at the Chicago Tribune article she says started this, about which she says, “I’m not making this stuff up.” Actually she is. That article does not say “whitey” is not offensive because whites are not an oppressed group, as neoneocon claims it does. It does not imply anyone who thinks “whitey” is offensive is stupid, as neoneocon claims it does. It does assert that anyone who finds “whitey” offensive is confusing prejudice and racism. That’s far from being stupid. Nowhere does it say that anyone who disagrees is stupid. It does say that anyone who thinks “whitey” harms white people deserves to be insulted. That’s a different claim than neoneocon says it is.

    So after this beginning in which neoneocon misstates the article she attacks, she goes on to speculate about the motivation of this article, about what it would mean if there were a tape of Michelle Obama saying “whitey”, about how Michelle Obama and Jeremiah Wright clearly share a “victim mentality”, regardless of any further words on their part, and how that is inconsistent with talking about healing racism. She doesn’t write the next step, but apparently this is headed in the direction of why Barack Obama is a fake who shouldn’t be President, or he and his wife will turn the US into Zimbabwe. Right.

    How many on the right will feel victimized if Barack Obama becomes the 44th President? How will they express their anger? I doubt it will be in the street, but I bet there will be a whole lot more words than neoneocon’s wasted on expressing such anger intellectually, with judgment after judgment against the left and many predictions of opportunities for saying, “I told you so”. I bet calling liberals stupid and crazy will be in there, too.

    As neoneocon is a New England therapist, presumably psychotherapist, she will have many more opportunities than I will to tell angry right-wingers not to be a victim, to move on to something productive. At least her admirer vanderleun stumbled into something entertaining in catching her enemies on the left in an internet tradition of a blockquote that was a paraphrased summary instead of an exact quote. I wonder if he feels victimized by all the ridicule that earned him. Well, at least he knows a therapist who can help him with that. It wasn’t all a complete waste.

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