September 10, 2008

Community organizers speak up

Posted in Activism, Blogging, Politics at 11:44 am by The Lizard Queen

During the RNC, both Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani made cracks about community organizing. The idea was that community organizing doesn’t provide a person with valuable experience as far as a future career in politics goes, and overall their remarks came across as denigrating the work that community organizers and organizations do. Kevin at A Slant Truth explains some of the problems inherent in those ideas:

It’s ironic that Palin, Guilliani and the rest of the GOP would make fun of community organizing because community organizing is the epitome of one of the central mantras of conservatism: pick yourself up by your bootstraps. That’s what community organizing is all about. It’s about people taking control of their lives and their communities and trying to make things better for themselves. It’s recognizing that no one is going to do for you what you won’t do for yourself. You can talk about “actual responsibilities” all you want, but the truth of the matter is that community organizing is taking the ultimate amount of responsibility–not only to yourself, but to everyone in your community.

To counter the Republican put-down, many people across the blogosphere took time on Monday to discuss and honor community organizing.  There’s a full round-up at the above link, and it’s well worth checking out.  I appreciated this statement, from the SAFER blog: “community organizing is at the heart of American democracy, and those who belittle it reveal only their lack of trust in the democratic process and their lack of belief in our Declaration of Independence’s long-delayed promise of equality for all.”


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