September 12, 2008

Feminist Carnival

Posted in Blogging, Feminism, Gender issues, GLBT issues at 4:45 pm by The Lizard Queen

The 64th Carnival of Feminists is up!  As ever, there’s plenty of good reading listed there.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight the posts by a couple of recent additions to my blogroll: Radical Feminists and Cis Privilege by Renee at Womanist Musings, and Uterus Art by Debs at Don’t Stray from the Path.  And as much as I appreciated the latter of the two posts for giving me a perspective I’d never considered before — for, quite simply, making me think — the post of hers that I really want to share is Across the Porn Divide:

…the stalemate we are currently in will only continue as long as we persist in talking about rather than to women we disagree with, and continue to make generalisations, or untrue statements about those women. Something needs to happen to break the deadlock, or this movement we call feminism will cease to move at all, and will die from stagnation before achieving all, or even any, of its goals. Women on both ‘sides’, and from all ‘feminisms’ need to start listening to other women, women who do not agree with them, women who’s life experience is vastly different to theirs, women who have made choices they feel are wrong, or that they would never make themselves. If we are all talking at once, we cannot hear what anyone is saying, and listening is the key to communication and learning.

It’s a superb post, and well worth the read for those interested in feminist movement.

Happy reading!


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  1. Debs said,

    Hello! Thanks for the link and your kind words. 🙂

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