November 4, 2008

Music for Election Night

Posted in Current events, Music, Politics at 10:40 pm by The Lizard Queen

This song popped into my head as I was sitting here, watching election coverage on TV and poking through my overfull blog reader.  Oddly enough, the version I tend to hear in my head is Simon & Garfunkel’s, I went looking for Bob Dylan’s, but was struck by Tracy Chapman’s rendition, so that’s what I’m posting.  (After watching this video I enjoyed a lovely live rendition of “Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution,” but thought that might be a bit much, all things considered.  That said, though, if you like such things and weren’t already aware, Tracy Chapman’s debut is a fucking amazing album.  Just sayin’.)

Anyway, on to the music — The Times, They Are A-Changin’:


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  1. luaphacim said,

    Wow — that is amazing!

    I don’t know that I like her rendition more than Dylan’s, but I certainly like it in a parallel fashion.

    I didn’t really have a horse in this particular electoral race, but here’s hoping that Obama will do great things for this country. 🙂

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