November 21, 2008

A Flock of Flamingos

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News from the lighter side for a Friday afternoon…


Mystery surrounds missing flamingo flock:

LOVELAND — The Thompson Valley High School band is missing a flock of pink flamingos, and band members suspect foul play.

It began about a month ago when the 80-member marching band started a fundraiser involving pink yard flamingos, said band director Robert Pippen.

Three teams of band students, each team wielding around 15 flamingos, were paid to cover a person’s yard with a flock of the fake birds.

The surprised recipient of the flock then had some options: pay $10 to have the flock removed; pay $25 to flock someone else’s house; or pay $35, which includes flock insurance.

The insurance ensured people would never be “flocked” again, Pippen said. He emphasized the “flocking” is all in good fun to raise about $10,000 for three new marching tubas. They’re up to $400.

“If someone is really upset about it and doesn’t want to pay, we won’t make them pay, of course.” Pippen said.

But one flamingo team got grounded two weeks ago after “flocking” a home. The day after the “flocking,” the birds were missing and it appears someone may have taken the flock for themselves, Pippen said.

I think this is a delightful fundraiser idea (and I am, of course, extra enthusiastic given the fact that they’re raising money for new tubas!), but I can see why it wouldn’t fly (pun fully intended) with some people.  There was a man who lived down the street from the house I grew up in who took great pride in his putting-green-quality lawn, and who I imagine would be utterly livid to discover a flock of plastic flamingos marring it.  (When I was fourteen he came to our front door with a shovel full of dirt and, ostensibly, cat shit (I was happy to take his word for it) and told me that if he ever caught our cats using his planters as a litter box again, he’d kill them.  I’ve had indoor-only cats ever since.)

Even with that former neighbor in mind, though, what kind of Scrooge McGrinch steals a high school band’s flock of lawn flamingos?  I hope they’re returned soon.

[Photo from, which proudly touts “flocking” as a fundraiser idea.  🙂 ]



  1. John said,

    Hah – I would be totally ticked if someone stole all the flamingos!

    I hosted a “flamingo flocking” fundraiser for my church and we had a great time, and raised a couple thousand dollars. The idea is that you put a bunch of pink plastic lawn flamingos on somebody’s yard until they pay a donation. Alternatively, they could buy “flamingo insurance”.

    The site we used to get our flock of pink plastic lawn flamingos was called They were a bargain and they came FAST! They also have a lot of instructions on how to run the fundraiser.

    The pink flamingos looked so good I kept a pair of pink flamingos for myself and have them in the front yard!

  2. David said,

    Hey I found your article from Google searching for pink flamingo fundraiser. I went to the link in the above post, but they are all out of stock. After searching some more, I found has a wide selection and some really Huge Pink Flamingos available.

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