December 23, 2008

Fun headlines of the day

Posted in Apropos of nothing, News, Politics, Science at 5:21 pm by The Lizard Queen

From Petulant’s morning roundup: Honey bees on cocaine dance more  [Well, who doesn’t, really?  😉 ]

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In a study that challenges current ideas about the insect brain, researchers have found that honey bees on cocaine tend to exaggerate.

Normally, foraging honey bees alert their comrades to potential food sources only when they’ve found high quality nectar or pollen, and only when the hive is in need. They do this by performing a dance, called a “round” or “waggle” dance, on a specialized “dance floor” in the hive. The dance gives specific instructions that help the other bees find the food.

Foraging honey bees on cocaine are more likely to dance, regardless of the quality of the food they’ve found or the status of the hive, the authors of the study report.

From the CNN Political Ticker: Obama: Put the journalists’ beer on my tab

HONOLULU (CNN) Many Republicans already believe President-elect Barack Obama has gotten a free ride from the national media, so they may not be happy to learn the incoming Commander-in-Chief offered to buy a round of drinks for reporters covering his working vacation on the sands of Hawaii’s beaches and the greens of its lush golf courses.

. . . In a separate pool report for print journalists, Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times added helpfully: “He chatted for a moment, telling the pool to have a beer and put it on his tab. No one took him up on the offer.”

I definitely get where the commenters who are complaining that this isn’t news are coming from.  However, there are other commenters complaining about the fact that Obama is taking a vacation at a time like this (conveniently forgetting that he’s not actually President yet), complaining that buying the journalists’ pool a round of beer constitutes a bribe, and so on and so forth.  (Not to mention the fact that the article itself sounds pretty snarky, but I’m not familiar with the writer, so maybe he’s being tongue-in-cheek and I’m missing it.)  And I’m just like, bees are on the what now?  (Translation for those who aren’t constantly quoting the Simpsons the way Evil Bender and I do: huh?)  I just thought it seemed like a nice gesture, personally.  And being in Hawaii and having a beer on Obama’s dime sounds pretty damn sweet right now…


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