January 28, 2009

Quote of the week

Posted in Activism, Environment at 11:45 am by The Lizard Queen

Writer and activist Bill McKibben:

Often when I’m on TV, they’ll ask what are the three most important things for people to do. I know they want me to say that people should change their light bulbs. I say the number one thing is to organize politically; number two, do some political organizing; number three, get together with your neighbors and organize; and then if you have energy left over from all of that, change the light bulb.

[h/t Gristmill]



  1. Your Switch Witch said,


    (meeting hater here)

  2. jim said,

    Nice…topical today, as I gave a presentation about sustainabilty today to several blank faces.

  3. YSW: “(meeting hater here)”

    Okay, but have you changed your light bulbs? 😉

  4. Your Switch Witch said,

    The Boy did 🙂

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