August 26, 2009

Edward Moore Kennedy, 1932-2009

Posted in Government, Health care, News, Politics at 10:43 am by The Lizard Queen

“[L]et us resolve that the state of a family’s health shall never depend on the size of a family’s wealth.”

–Senator Ted Kennedy, from his his 1980 address to the Democratic National Convention

Senator Kennedy was a complex figure indeed, even if one ignored his personal life*.  Nevertheless, he helped Congress make a number of great strides toward progressive ideals**, and I expect his loss will be especially palpably felt (and has been felt already) during the continuing health-care-related struggles.  I wish peace and comfort to his family and friends.

*I realize, of course, that that “even if” is pretty damn loaded.
**Hyperbolic?  Oh, most definitely. After all, this is a memorial.

[Hat tip for the opening quotation.]


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