October 30, 2009

Friday Poetry: Joan Kane

Posted in Poetry at 11:12 am by The Lizard Queen

On Wednesday Inupiaq poet Joan Kane received a $50,000 Whiting Writers’ Award (news story; hat tip) — very cool!


How rapidly the tide turned, turns.
Still, turning now, gray wash and silt
Pivots on a finger of foam.

One could count time in its long
Trough, or lose it altogether:

Winter may thicken the air
Earlier than expected.  Or,

An inflection in the shadow
Of the long crest is an increment,
And a small variation.

With it, we are joined, and continue.
A sharp-shinned hawk now wheels

Overhead, as each spring tends,
And shows its white underbelly.

—Joan Kane, 2006


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