January 14, 2010


Posted in Current events, News at 9:31 am by The Lizard Queen

Feministe has a post up detailing a variety of ways to send aid (predominantly in monetary form) to Haiti.  Please check it out, and be sure to read the comments as well, where there are some helpful follow ups as well as some good suggestions for the long haul—since Haitians will be struggling with the aftermath of this earthquake long after it has disappeared from the mainstream news cycle.

Also, I would just like to state for the record that Pat Robertson can fuck directly off.



  1. troy said,

    My plug is for Doctors Without Boarders, which Feministe has on their fantastic list.

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, I watched the Pat Robertson video, and I didn’t hear him once say anything about ‘black’ people …which makes me wonder if the Atlantic might be reading more into it then they should? As far as that video segment is concerned, the idea I walked away with is that he believes Haitian people have by and large rejected Christianity whereas those from the Dominican Republic haven’t …which is why Haiti has apparently been ‘cursed’ with all the suffering they have.

    Of course it’s inane and completely ridiculous in the first place …but I didn’t see any ‘race card’ played like they imply.

    • That’s a fair observation, I’d say, though there’s still the underlying assumption that the only way a group of slaves could throw off their master’s yokes is by making a pact with the devil, which, given the history of slavery and race in the US, is a loaded assumption, to say the least.

      More so than that, though — well, for me, anyway; obviously I can’t speak for Ta-Nehisi Coates — is the hard-core blame-the-victim mentality, the utter lack of compassion it would seem to take to even think such a thing, much less say it out loud on a widely-broadcast television show.

      On a cheerier note, yes, DWB is a fantastic group. Thanks for plugging them! 🙂

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