June 30, 2010

Hump Day Poetry: Demetria Martínez

Posted in Poetry at 11:09 am by The Lizard Queen

Tell Me

Do you know who I am? If I fell to pieces could you
Reassemble the jigsaw? Do you know where it all
Goes: Grandma’s prayer book, my cassette tape
Of Taos drummers, the postcard from El Salvador?

You—who’ve never even asked about my book
Of matches, to light the light I’ve carried
Through a hundred tunnels because
The light at the end is never enough.

The night is a boarded-up city of nameless streets.
Winds hiss through the slit tire of a star
While that other woman named Sleep
Holds you as I look on until morning.

—Demetria Martínez, 2002

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  1. Hilongos said,

    Every single poem may not be enjoyed by every single person. Many people can dislike a great poem and it still wont change the fact that the poem is great. People just aren’t capable of being as enthusiastic about things as the next person might be. It is the right of each person to choose for themselves which poet or poem they like most.

    The most enjoyable poems are usually selected by choosing which poems are the most interesting or which ones are the most lively. However, no two people have the same exact taste or preference in what things they enjoy most. Interesting poems may be new or fresh to the reader. Lively poems might catch the reader’s attention very quickly.

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