April 18, 2011

Joan Logghe: Untitled

Posted in Poetry at 9:35 pm by The Lizard Queen

Posting three, count ’em, three poems today!  🙂

I hold one human form which is as much
blessing as body, as much prayer
as genital. One man I love is seventy.
The nerve to die, four or five of you.
I passed a sad man on the road
who would have loved me. Ambition
flew out our window over there,
a haze over the Jemez. Leftover flies

from summer on the glass. I swoon
my way through autumn. Not the same
knocking or the same wood. Held and holy,
the heart is the tisket, the tasket, blood
basket. Full lotus position and then the casket.
Under the next full moon, let’s just kiss.

—Joan Logghe, 2004

From Rice


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